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“Have You Heard of Mindfulness?” A Podcast

GOOD MORNING/AFTERNOON/NIGHT! It’s been a while. A lot has happened in these past few weeks. Many of those things have made me very sleepy. One of those things is that I now have a job! I teach 8th grade English and I love it! Another one of those things is a project from a class…… Continue reading “Have You Heard of Mindfulness?” A Podcast

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Mindfulness retreat

My “Post every day in June” kinda fell apart. But only over the weekend and I have a good excuse: it was the weekend. I write best on my couch, at night, while watching Friends re-runs. This weekend was filled with so many distractions that did not allow me to sit on my couch and…… Continue reading Mindfulness retreat

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Breathe into your toes.

What? How? What?! Yes. This is what I do during a “Full Body Scan” for my mindfulness program. In order to perform a Full Body Scan (or FBS), we get into a comfortable position, close our eyes, and isolate each part of our body. We start in the left toes, focusing on any sensations and…… Continue reading Breathe into your toes.

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I’m starting a mindfulness journey.

Hello! I have been selected to participate in a research group on mindfulness and I am VERY excited to start! I have done yoga, meditation, journaling, etc. in the past and I know it helps my brain feel less tight, yet I lack the motivation to keep doing a lot of things I really enjoy.…… Continue reading I’m starting a mindfulness journey.