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Day 6 of Blognukah

Why I started, and abruptly stopped, a YouTube channel.

I started a YouTube channel to talk about books and teaching stuff. For example, my first official video (besides the introduction video) was about Lexile levels. I had just started watching booktube videos and was inspired. I couldn’t find very many people talking about the educational side of books, so I decided to become one of them! I bought a fancy new camera, with a tripod and everything, set up a cute background with star lights and went to work. I filmed the first video, edited it, and posted it to the YouTubes. I got a few views. I was happy. I did the second video (the Lexile one) and sent it to the internet! One of my friends said that he learned something new from watching my video! It was great! So I filmed another video about DNF Lists (Did not finish). I edited it, uploaded it, and watched the few views pour in. It was wonderful!

However, it was a pain to edit. My computer could not handle ANY editing software. It was slow and crashed a lot. I spent more time waiting than I did actually editing. Then I started Student Teaching and had NO time to do anything.

I didn’t start up the channel again because I could not figure out how to edit the videos in a reasonable time. I also invested more time into blogging and realized I like it more. I can write a post while doing other things (like drinking hot chocolate) and it is faster to edit. I also feel like I’m reaching more people with my blog. There are so many YouTube channels that my little one got lost in the shuffle. But my blog! It’s slowly growing, but it’s a steady growth. As well as my Instagram. (Drinktea.readbooks.teachall)



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