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Day 5 of Blognukah

A Lush shopping guide for people with nut allergies.

Some of my Lush favorites

If you have a nut allergy, I’m sorry and I know your struggles. Trying to go organic with your hair and skin care, it’s difficult. You go to Lush and they attack you with soap and you cowardly pull back and say, “Oh, I’m sorry, can I read the ingredients? I’m allergic to nuts.” The salespeople are all very nice and supportive and read all the ingredients. Then because you’re paranoid you also have to read the ingredients. You notice that everyone loves to put almonds and walnut shells in their skin products. I get it, they’re smoothing agents and exfoliants blah blah blah. But what if you can’t put them on your skin?! What do you do besides reading all the ingredients because THAT is time-consuming? Well, I am here to help!


I have gone through METICULOUSLY and pick out my favorite skin and hair care products that are nut free and make you feel clean, refreshed, and pampered.


*Disclaimer* I have not tried all of their shampoo bars because I’m not a huge fan, but if you like cinnamon then New is for you.

I really liked Big. The sea salt was exfoliating and the coconut oil made it soft. However, it was slightly stripping because of the sea salt. Recently I’ve tried Jersey Bounce and I love it. It has the same basic ingredients as Big, but without the coconut oil. Instead, it has eggs and honey. My only issue is that it makes my hair feel coarse and like I just got out of the ocean. HOWEVER, use a nice conditioner like Retread, your hair will feel so flippen soft. American Cream was my absolute favorite because it smelled like strawberries, but Retread is doing better things for my hair. If you have thin hair (which I do not) I hear Veganese is good too. To detangle your hair (if needed) generously spray on Sunny Day. After you blow-dry your hair, throw in some R&B and it will have beautiful waves. If your hair is thin or you just like having a beachy wave, sprits in Sea Spray. After doing all of these things, your hair will be clean, it will have bounce and wave, and it will smell delightful.


Now, skin care is the big one that has all the nuts. We’ll break it down.


I have four big cleansers that I love: Dark Angels, Ocean Salt, Let the Good Times Roll, and Aqua Marina.

Dark Angels has charcoal and is great for pulling oil out of your skin. Ocean Salt is great for a once a week exfoliant, but the coarse sea salt was too much for my skin. Aqua Marina is smoothing, but the seaweed gets everywhere. Let the Good Times Roll is by far my favorite. It’s a gentle exfoliant that uses popcorn. It smells like a combination of movie theater popcorn and a sugar cookie. It leaves my skin feeling soft and it’s gentle enough to use every day.


Grease Lightning is a tea tree based gel that dries up zits. Eau Roma Water is a toner with rose water and lavender water that moisturizes and smells like roses!


I have two go-to moisturizers because all of them have nuts. Magical Moringa is a two-in-one moisturizer and primer and it mattifies the skin. This is great for summer when your face is a little more oily, or for all year round because your face is an oily mess (like mine). I have not used Vanishing Cream for a while because it didn’t seem like it was doing anything, but I’m willing to try it again when my current moisturizer runs out.


*Another disclaimer* I have only tried a few shower gels, and I have not tried any of their soap.

Rose Jam and Happy Hippy. Rose Jam is my favorite because it smells like roses. Unfortunately, it’s seasonal and only available around December. Happy Hippy is fresh and smells like grapefruit. It wakes me up and makes me happy.


Face Masks.

There are only two fresh face masks I’ve tried without nuts: Mask of Magnaminty and Cup O’ Coffee. They are both exfoliating. MoM smells like mint, and CoC smells like coffee. You cannot go wrong with either of them.

Jelly Masks.

I prefer jelly masks. They are new and calming. Birth of Venus, Bunny Moon, and FOMO. They all smooth, calm, and brighten without drying out my skin. I work them into my Sunday night routine and my skin has never felt better.

Hand care.

Love and Light. It’s a hand cream with citrus notes and smells like spring. The salesperson who sold it to me said that the scent was perfect for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder and since I bought it I have used this every night.


If your thighs rub together when you walk, you need Silky Underwear. Especially during the summer. It is a corn starch based powder that absorbs oil and sweat and leaves a silky barrier that protects your skin.

I hope this guide helps with your Lush shopping trips! If there is anything else at Lush that you are wondering about, let me know and I will review it!







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