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Day 2 of Blognukah

How to survive Student Teaching.

My Student Teaching was not the best. It was almost the worst. HOWEVER, I now have a job where I am doing wonderfully and people think I’m a good teacher. It’s such a good feeling to be told that you are great at your job which also happens to be the thing that you have dedicated the past 10 years of your life to. If you are on your way to your Student Teacher Journey, this is the blog post for you!

I finished my Student Teaching earlier in the year and I still think about it (it was a doozy, but more about that later) (maybe). Not a day goes by where I don’t have a thought (positive, negative, or neutral) about my experience. I think of activities I could have explained better, things I should have done differently, or incredible things that I plan on trying again. Here are some things I learned AFTER my student teaching that I wish I had known before. I hope this list helps you if you are starting your journey in student teaching.

  1. Learn (and go with) the climate of the school
    • You are a blip on the radar of the administration (a very important blip, but a blip nonetheless). You cannot change how the school runs, and you shouldn’t! Student teaching is a way to learn how a specific school makes and enforces their rules. Learn, roll, get involved.
  2. Overprepare
    • When you are a student teacher, students will find a way to stop paying attention. If you have more than enough for them to do, they won’t have time to stop. Keep them busy. NO DOWN TIME.
  3. Love what you do
    • I feel like that’s self-explanatory, but sometimes it’s not. By the time you are doing student teaching, you’ve probably spent 4+ years studying to be a teacher. If you don’t show that you love your chosen profession, people will notice. Or ya know’ “fake it til you make it.”
    • Just do it. You’re learning. You’re a STUDENT. Ask questions.
  5. Take advice
    • Again, you are learning. Get feedback regularly and incorporate it.
  6. Get to know your students
    • You will be their teacher for almost half a year. That’s a lot in the grand scheme of a year. Get to know them, bond, show them that you care.

Just remember that everything will be fine. Always breathe. You’ll be fine. The kiddos will be fine. Everything will be fine.




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