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Day one of Blognukah

Happy Chanukah! (Or should I say Blognukah!) I will be posting a blog post every night of Chanukah (That’s 8 for those who don’t know). Here’s the first post. ENJOY!

This past year was a doozy. My anxiety and depression hit me hard! I was not happy, I was lazy, I was unmotivated, I was creatively blocked, and I was over and/or under emotional all the time. I was a shell of a person. And not the good kind, like Marcel the Shell. I did everything I could think of to combat this. However, since I was also unmotivated, I half-assed everything. In my mind, I was doing good things to help, when in reality I was going through the motion, not really putting my full force into it, and that was not helping.

I thought that getting a job would help, but even when I got a full-time teaching job I was still not feeling my best. I still felt blocked. I couldn’t shake this feeling of fog all around me.

I read somewhere (and heard it one gazillion times) that exercise releases endorphins which make you happy (science). The problem was the lack of motivation to actually get myself to exercise. It was a spiral that kept spiraling down (bonus points to whoever knows what that reference is from). But I was done being unmotivated and blocked. I was willing to put my all into anything that I thought would help. I tried cycling (pssst, check the previous post) and it helped!

Fun fact that you’ve probably heard a million times before: Exercise makes you happy.

I now feel happy, motivated, and like I want to put my heart into everything. I already started making a few goals for 2018:

  • Relearn the piano
  • Learn the ukelele
  • Journal daily
  • Exercise three times a week
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Drink more water

I’m starting small and realistic. I will also be chronicling my goals and taking you all along for the journey. It will be fun.

I promise.




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