Self-care Sunday

Self-care is very important and should be worked into your everyday routine. However, sometimes you don’t always have time in your busy schedules to add in the self-care needed. If you don’t have time to add self-care every day, try once or twice a week. I like Sundays and Wednesdays. Here is my Sunday night routine that emphasizes self-care (Wednesday’s routine will be a different post):

I start my nightly routine at 8:00, but I have been in pajamas since around 5. First I make my lunch for the next day and boil water for tea. My nightly tea of choice is sleepy time tea. It’s very calming and soothing. I add a little honey and it is perfection. While that is brewing, I take my makeup off. Then I put my hair in a bun on top of my head, put on a headband, and choose a face mask. Currently, I have three face masks to pick from. They are all the new jelly masks from Lush: Birth of Venus, Bunny Moon, and FOMO .

One of my face masks, my headband, and one of my journals.

All three of them are for different reasons and are all wonderful. While I wait 10 minutes I breathe in the steam from my tea. After, I wash the mask off and wash my face with even more soothing stuff. I spritz on some toner with lavender and rose water (also from Lush). Last but not least, moisturizer.

After my skin routine is my mental routine.

With Full House on in the background, I read a chapter of the current book I’m reading. As I read, I drink my tea and occasionally check social media on my phone. I try to stay away from Twitter and Facebook at night, but Instagram and Snapchat are my go-to apps. I finish my tea and try to head off to bed by 10 (which usually does not work).

I also try really hard to journal, but that’s an everyday thing.

What is your self-care routine?



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