Today is my birthday.

In my 27 years of life, I have learned a few things. I am going to share my knowledge with you! Some of these you may already know. Some you may have already figured out for yourself. Some you may have known in the past, but need to be reminded. I hope this helps you wherever you are in life.

27 things I have learned:

  1. Family is very important.
  2. You should contact your friends regularly.
  3. It’s okay to change your style whenever you want to.
  4. Self-care is key to your mental health.
  5. Makeup is not needed every day.
  6. Your mom is always right.
  7. Life is too short to read bad books.
  8. Don’t let the bad things in life keep you down.
  9. Love.
  10. Dance a little every day.
  11. Start your day with three sun salutations.
  12. Don’t wash your hair every day.
  13. Find something you are passionate about and stick to it.
  14. Watch a bad movie with a group of friends at least once a year.
  15. Get as many degrees as you want.
  16. Money is temporary.
  17. Experience is invaluable.
  18. Use a face mask once a week.
  19. Wash your face every morning and every night.
  20. Exercise (any kind. Run, jump, gym, barre, pilates, yoga, CrossFit. WHATEVER)
  21. Drink a minimum of one cup of tea a day.
  22. Help people.
  23. Stay hydrated.
  24. Learn how to cook at least three things really well.
  25. Use sunscreen.
  26. Moisturize.
  27. Keep a journal by your bed, just in case.



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