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“Have You Heard of Mindfulness?” A Podcast


It’s been a while. A lot has happened in these past few weeks. Many of those things have made me very sleepy. One of those things is that I now have a job! I teach 8th grade English and I love it!

Another one of those things is a project from a class I took over the summer. We had to create an audio project. I did an episode of a podcast that I hope to make a semi-regular thing. The title of my podcast is *drumroll* Have You Heard of Mindfulness?

The premise is things that help with mental health stuff, like mindfulness. This particular episode is about how books help calm me down. I got a bunch of my friends in a room and asked them questions. We had snacks and a lovely conversation. It was a lot of fun to record and it was a lot of fun to edit.

I ended up with two hours of footage but had to cut it down significantly for the assignment. I couldn’t bring myself to hack up this hilarious conversation so I decided to make two episodes: a shorter one for class and a longer one to keep everything I wanted. Today, I would like to share my two masterpieces.

The shorter episode is concise and deals with books that we read when we’re happy and books we read when we want to get out of a low emotional/mental state.

The longer episode has more book talk, more inside jokes, and more tangents.


What are some books that you read when you’re happy/sad/feeling a lot of feelings?

What other topics should I have on my podcast?



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