I recently found out that was VERY different from Who else knew that these two things were different?!

Well, once I found out I tried to transfer everything (EVERYTHING) from this blog to my new fancy site. It was very easy to transfer all my posts and my followers over to this new fancy-pants website. HOWEVER, after the transfer is where I found it confusing. Most of the tutorials were for “setting up your shop” or “getting your already super established blog up and running.” None of those things were for me (yet *wink wink*).

I tried MULTIPLE times to get my domain name converted and nothing was working. I was also having SUCH a difficult time setting up ads that actually showed up (Yes, this blog is monetized with ads but I have not made ANYTHING so far and I’m totally okay with that). A few frustrating hours were spent internally yelling at my computer so my family wouldn’t be disturbed by my angry growling.

I ended up deactivating that blog and came back to this one. My baby, my blood sweat and tears, my hard work, where people easily find me. My lovely little blog with my 31 followers. BUT THEN…

I saw that I didn’t have any followers anymore. I WAS DEVASTATED. All my hard work was there, but the payoff: my lovely followers, were gone.

Emma Stone crying
I feel this.

I did a bit of research and could not find any way to transfer followers BACK over to my .com blog.

I complained and blah blah blah. Then, I sent an email. I know, right!! An email. I emailed a support person and asked to have my followers transferred back. Two(ish) days later they email me back saying that my followers have been transferred back and this support person loves my domain name. *SQUEEEE*

So welcome back my lovely followers! I have missed you these past three days. Get ready for lots of fun stuff!



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