How to make your day off productive.

Sometimes you have days off and sometimes those days are NOT Saturday and Sunday. Having a day off on the middle of the week can sound great! You can do so many errands that you can't do on the weekend! Get ready world, I'm running errands!

However, because it's the middle of the week you are tired from the previous days of work and you want to rest for your upcoming days of work, or at least that's how I feel, but you still have stuff that needs to get done. So how do we make those middle of the week days off productive?

1) Make a schedule, but be flexible. I like to plan out hour by hour on my days off so I don't waste too much time on something that should take 25 minutes. I also like to plan things into my day that I want to do, in addition to things I HAVE TO do. For example, I like to plan in some fun reading on top of reading for homework. With this, you have to stick to the schedule, in regards to the fun reading. However, be flexible with the homework reading. If it's taking you more than an hour, keep going. But if the fun reading is taking you more than an hour, unfortunately you have to stop. (Also this is only if you HAVE homework. If you don't, then you read that whole book for fun! That's productive!)

2) "Multi-task." I put this in quotes because the human brain cannot ACTUALLY multi-task. But if you have things to do like laundry, vacuuming, or organizing, throw a podcast on in the background! Listen to you favorite sound track! Perhaps an audiobook!! You can do multiple things during that hour you scheduled for "cleaning."

3) Don't over extend yourself. Don't pack three days of errands/tasks into one day. You'll crash and burn by the end. Your day off, especially a middle of the week day off, should be productive yet restful. You need to recharge before you conquer the rest of the week. If that means allowing yourself to have an afternoon nap, do it! If you want to stop "productive work" by 5 and start "me time," DO IT! You decide how much, or how little, you want to do that day that will make you feel productive and refreshed.

These are three tips that I find helpful on my days off. I hope they help you become more productive on your middle of the week days off.



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