Let’s talk about tea

…and how it’s the cure for everything and secures friendships.

I woke up today feeling sick. My stomach was not my friend. Luckily I keep a stash of ginger tea in my tea cupboard (yes, I have that much tea that it needs its own cupboard), and spearmint and peppermint growing in my mom’s garden. I brewed some ginger tea with honey and threw in a few mint leaves. Not only was this concoction delicious, but it is also soothing my stomach. A+ ginger tea, good job.

What other kinds of remedy tea do I have? I’m glad you asked!

So many teas!

I have throat coat tea with (and one without) echinacea, peppermint tea, sleepy time, Senna, lemon with added vitamin C, and green tea,

As for non-remedy teas: Vanilla Chai, Matcha, Rooibos, spiced chai, herbal (at least 6 different kinds), pumpkin, white chocolate, apple cinnamon, the list goes on and on.

I fully believe that tea is one of the best drinks for you. (Water obviously being number one). It also brings people together. I have had MANY tea dates with friends where we go to a cafè, or coffee shop, or Starbucks, order tea, and sit there for HOURS talking and sipping tea. It’s great. I drink at LEAST 3 cups of tea a day, and that’s on a busy day.

Can you tell I love tea?



2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about tea

  1. Love this post! If I’m not feeling 100% I definitely go looking for my tea. Tea is my go-to drink over coffee and I love it hot and iced! Glad to see someone else has as much tea as I do! 🙂

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