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Day 7 of Harry Potter Love

Welcome to the last day of my “Why I Love Harry Potter” series. We’ve had a lot of sad topics and I’ve cried enough tears to satisfy Justin Timberlake’s request.

Today’s topic is a happy one. However, we’re deviating from the text. I know! As an English Teacher this pains me too, but sometimes another form of media enhances something and it needs to be praised.

Today’s praise goes to Evanna Lynch’s portrayal of Luna Lovegood.

LOOK AT HER! She’s so cute.

As a child/teen, I never identified with Hermione even though I told people I did. When I was younger I hated doing research, I was not a fan super old books, I was NOT the one with all the answers. I didn’t (and still don’t) identify with Ginny. She is a badass. I am a ball of nerves. I honestly identified with Ron more. We’re both kinda shy, scared of spiders, and very anxious.

However, once Luna was introduced I found my spirit animal. She is weird, awkward, strange, funny, dry, kind, sweet, spaced out, and she does not care about what you think of her. She believes in all sorts of strange little creatures and has facts about them that will confuse the heck out of you. She is everything I want to be and more.

Then I watched Order of the Pheonix and I melted. I watched Luna come to life like I have never seen a character do before. Evanna Lynch was the perfect person to play Luna. She gave Luna this look, it was a mix between deer caught in headlights and “I can read your mind and I know all your secrets.” It was mystical and haunting. Her dead-eyed stare sparkled. Her voice chimed like music. Her accessories and clothes remind us to not care about how you look. If something makes you happy, do it!

She is a precious flower that does NOT need to be protected. She needs to be shown to every girl growing up. We should all aspire to be Loony Lovegood. Believe in her and she will protect you from Nargles.

Luna as a character is great and inspiring, but Evanna Lynch as Luna is even more inspiring. She enhanced a secondary character and brought her up to main character light. She used her quirky personality to make Luna shine. Thank GOODNESS she was cast.



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