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Day 6 of Harry Potter Love

Today’s love: Snape Snape Severus Snape.

Let’s talk about Snape.

You read this in Alan Rickman’s voice, didn’t you?

Snape is an adult who never fully developed and therefore is perpetually stuck in angsty teen mood swings. However, we soon (and by soon I mean the last book, so not really soon) learn that he has a reason to be so angsty.

His family is basically non-existent and he is in love with someone who rejected him for a jerk. (Real Talk: James Potter was a jerk. I know it, you know it, let’s just say it out loud so we can move on. Together now: James Potter was a jerk.)

Poor Snape did not have a very good childhood or a good adolescent experience. He was bullied, he was recruited by the Dark Lord, and the love of his life was KILLED by his “master.” His life is hard, guys.

When he first laid eyes on Harry his immediate thought was, “Oh my gosh, Lily’s eyes. I love her so much. Damn that kid looks like James. I HATE HIM.” (Exact quote)

He had to keep his distance from Harry while also protecting him from Voldemort. His internal struggle between his love for Lily and his UTTER HATRED for James is tearing him up inside. How can he help protect this child while also not abusing his power as a teacher? How can he keep his flame for Lily while watching her son literally become his father? He stuffs all his emotions down and is REAL mean to Harry, his friends, and everyone else not in the Slytherin house.

Harry goes through his Hogwarts career thinking that Snape is the meanest person who hates his guts and doesn’t care if he’s alive or dead. He even spends a few years thinking that Snape actually wants him dead. He finds out, through Snape’s memories, that Snape was in love with Lily and was the person who started the whole “Save Harry campaign.” Harry’s point of view of this man changes in a hot second. His view of Snape changed so much that HE GAVE HIS SECOND CHILD THE MIDDLE NAME OF SEVERUS. (caps lock should be read as me sobbing openly onto my computer).

Side note: Can we talk about Harry’s son’s name? Albus Severus Potter. Come on, now. Really? Albus, I’m sorry that your siblings all have semi-normal 21st-century names. But I guess he had to be the odd one out to star in the newest installment of the series The Cursed Child (Which I haven’t read but heard that it was equivalent to the 9th season of Scrubs or HIMYM.) BUT MORE ON THAT LATER. MAYBE.

But back to Snape. The audience and Harry figure out that Snape isn’t as bad as he seems. He’s also a very good actor, convincing Voldemort that he was a spy when actually he was a double agent. He made so many sneaky plans with Dumbledore that needed to be executed before Voldy could be, well, executed. His plans were all successful and Harry was able to defeat the most powerful dark wizard of all time. Without Snape, Harry would have probably died and he would not have fulfilled the prophecy.

In conclusion, Snape is best character. 10/10 will love for all eternity. Always.



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