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Day 4 of Harry Potter Love

Alright friends. It’s that time again. Why I love Harry Potter Day 4! (This should have went up yesterday. WHOOPS!) 

What shall we discuss? Dobby. The cutest/creepiest house elf.

I’m crying because it’s beautiful and that quote. 😭

So we first meet Dobby in Harry’s bedroom causing all kinds of mischief. He drops a cake on a muggle’s head, he beats himself up (literally) for doing things he shouldn’t, and he tries to prevent Harry from returning to Hogwarts, which is the only place this kid has friends or a support system. However, he never tries to kill Harry. Just maim or seriously injur. 

Dobby is only trying to save Harry’s life. But what Dobby doesn’t understand, is that Hogwarts is Harry’s life. Dobby spent the whole 2nd book trying to get Harry out of Hogwarts and away from danger. Dobby doesn’t understand that Harry doesn’t care about danger. He just wants to be near his friends. He spent 11 years of his life without friends and now that he has them, HE IS NOT LETTING GO. Dobby never had friends so he has no idea about the power of friendship. Because, as we have all learned from My Little Pony: 

Friendship is magic.

After Mr. Malfoy *cough Harry cough* gave Dobby a sock Dobby’s heart grew three sizes that day. He realized how important friendship was and he changed his ways. He helped Harry fight the bad things that were getting in the way of his friendship. He became an integral part of the group and died amongst friends. And Amy cried a gazillion tears. 

What have we learned from Dobby? Friendship is the most important thing. And Daniel Radcliffe should get all the awards for holding, crying over, and pretending that a puppet was real. 



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