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Day 2 of Harry Potter Love

Welcome to the 2nd day of my 7-day series “Why I Love Harry Potter.”

Today, we will be discussing the houses, but specifically Hufflepuff.

According to Pottermore (the most adorable website ever), I am a Hufflepuff. I have a Dapple Grey Stallion as my Patronus, and my wand is an 11 inch Spruce wood with a Pheonix Feather core.

Here’s the thing about Hufflepuffs: We’re great, but we’re quiet about it. We like to hang back and watch. We like cozy things. We LOVE PLANTS.

Hufflepuff Common Room from Pottermore. Look at this place! This is where I want to live.

We’re nice and caring but when provoked, we’ll mess you up and we won’t brag about it at all. We like things simple, but that does NOT mean that we are simple. We are loyal and trustworthy and patient and bright. We are the ones you call when you’re in a jam and we will come right over with some jam (and tea). Most of us are introverts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like a good party!

Now, I can only speak for the Hufflepuff because I have done EXTENSIVE research on this house. SO MUCH RESEARCH.

I also asked my friends on Facebook what house they were and here are the results:

Hufflepuff- 13

Ravenclaw- 13

Gryffindor- 6

Slytherin- 13

I find it VERY eerie that every house but Gryffindor had 13 people. I have no idea why or how that happened.



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