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Books, man, books.

I have no excuse for not keeping up with my Post Every Day in June. WHOOP!

However, let’s talk about what week it is: Independent Bookshop Week! (In the UK and Ireland). I do not live in the UK or Ireland, but I am celebrating this week regardless.

Why? Because books, man.

I love books and I love people who love books. Independent bookshop owners and clerks love books. Why would they work there if they didn’t? (I guess a steady income too, but books!)

It upsets me that there are not many independent bookshops in my area. There might be two, but they’re at least a 15-minute car ride. And I’m also super lazy and just buy my books online or at Barnes & Noble.

I am going to attempt to visit an independent bookshop this week at some time. I’ll let you know what I buy!

But also, the most important thing, tomorrow is a big day. For the reading community and the world.

Any guesses?



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