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Grammarly test run

My boyfriend’s biggest worry is my lack of spelling skills. He is concerned that this will interfere with being an English Teacher. While I am not happy with my lack of spelling ability, I have no desire to actively fix it. (“Actively fixing” means studying the dictionary and taking spelling quizzes given to elementary school students). I am attempting to fix it in a less intense way: spell check, learning from my mistakes, looking things up when I don’t know. However, some things slip by. Spell check is not the most reliable and sometimes does not catch everything. Here’s where having a second plan/backup is key.

My lovely boyfriend gave me the link to a website: (This is not sponsored AT ALL). He said that it is free and it corrects spelling AND grammar, something spell check does not. It is a Google extension that is always running in the background. It will be with me while I write blog posts, emails, Facebook statuses, etc. It reminds me of that little paper clip from late 90’s Microsoft word.

Clippy. The demon of the 90s.

I honestly hated that thing. Clippy. So annoying. Even though this sort of reminds me of Clippy, it’s less intrusive. Therefore, I like it more.

This blog post is the first time I am using this extension. I must say, I dig it. It shows my mistakes in large red highlight with a line under it. It shows spelling mistakes as well as grammar mistakes. It also shows you how you can improve your writing. I think it’s great! So far! Not only is it free, but if you want to spend $12 a month you can get even more tips! (But honestly, the free version is more than enough).

I will try it out on other writing and I will let you know how it goes!

My only qualm is that it is not a thesaurus.



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