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There’s a meme going around about The Great Gatsby. 


Great Gatsby
This is the plot.

It’s a condensed version of The Great Gatsby. I have seen posts with people laughing about being the worst teacher, passing this out, and taking a hard-core nap. At first I thought these posts were hilarious (and I still do, my friends are funny), but now that I thought about it I realized that this is a legit teaching strategy!

Both of these characters represent the American Dream and they lived VERY different lives! Why? What about the American Dream allows people to do this? Why did Gatsby have to make all this money and why couldn’t Daisy reciprocate his love? Why does Nick hate New York? Can you cut out all the other characters and how would that effect the meaning of the text? Can we condense other texts to four lines? Is it still as impactful?

SO many questions! When I get a job as an English teacher* I’m going to use this in a lesson, or at least part of a lesson. Not as the whole book, but as something!

Also, I love this book. HOT DANG DO I HAVE OPINIONS ABOUT THIS BOOK! So many thoughts.


*Please send out good vibes to the universe to get me a job. Please and thank you!



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