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Adam West was a magical man with an impressive filmography list.

If you only know Adam West as Catman, then I suggest watching some of his other films/episodes from TV. Like when he played Mermaid Man in Spongebob. Or when he played himself in 30 Rock, or himself in The Big Bang Theory, or himself in Futurama, or himself in almost everything else he has been in.

Also, when you think of Batman do you think of darkness and Heath Ledger? You should watch the TV show Batman. It is more like the lego movie Batman, with funny antics and sound-effects!

Now you’re probably confused as to why I said CATman. (If you are, you should watch

Here’s a picture of Catman signing a picture of Adam West. #meta

the Fairly Odd Parents!)

If you live under a rock I am sorry to tell you that Adam West passed away last Friday after a short battle with leukemia. The world lost a great superhero, a great guy, and a great meta-joke.

He will be truly missed.



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