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Is my face oily, or am I just a sweaty mess?

Answer: Sweaty Mess.

I always thought my face was oily. I have products for “oily skin.” I have powders. I have matte foundation. I have everything.

Nothing was working to keep my makeup from sliding off my face on any given day. I figured my oil was overtaking and I was a lost cause doomed to roam the world with chapstick and mascara. (Not that wearing only chapstick and mascara is a bad thing! I just really like when my eyeliner is sharp enough to kill a man).

Until I took a few quizzes, with my favorite being this one, and it turns out that I have normal skin!

Fun fact: I am just a ball of sweat. I am always melting. I am Olaf near a fire. yetzUj

I have not fully learned how to combat this unpleasant situation, but I sure will have tips and tricks when I figure it out!

How do you combat your melting face?



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