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Let’s talk about Harry Potter.

June 26th is the 20th anniversary of the Philosopher’s Stone (or Sorcerer’s Stone for us American folk). I have lived my whole reading life with Harry Potter. One of my most vivid memories of my childhood is my mom reading me Harry Potter at night before bed. Harry Potter means a lot to me. And when a book means a lot to me, I buy every version I can get my hands on.

How many versions of Harry Potter do I have? Give or take…5.

Surprisingly I only have two full sets though: A beautiful set my boyfriend got me for Christmas and the audio books.

For the incomplete sets, I have hardcover (1-3 and 5), paperback (4, 6, and 7), and the first illustrated version.

Beautiful. (Picture by me)

Is this enough? NO. Will I ever have enough versions of Harry Potter? NO. Do I envy everyone who bough Philosopher’s Stone with the new covers from Pottermore for 20th anniversary? YES.

Why do I have so many copies? Here’s something about me: If I like a book, I will buy multiple versions of it so I can have a specific purpose for each set/book. For example, I have three versions of Alice in Wonderland. One is for reading, highlighting, note making, and scribbling. One is my “car book” (yes I keep a book in my glove compartment for emergencies). One is beautiful and pink with gold sprayed edges which is my “for display only” book.

I also have assignments for my Harry Potter collection. The hardcover and paperback equal one whole set. I use those as my “read until they break” books. The illustrated and the ones with the picture on the spine are my “look at my pretty books” books. While the audio books are there for long car rides and soothing voices.

Do you have multiple versions of book? Do they have assignments? Do you write in your books? (I’ll probably write a post about writing in books).




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