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Dear Evan Hansen,

Your teen angst is palpable. You are so socially awkward and in love with the idea of a girl that you fake a friendship and neglect the friends you have. And for what? I honestly have no idea. You are also so wrapped up with your teenage life that you couldn’t tell that your mother was drowning. She may not have been there for you like a conventional mother, but she was working and going to school so she could earn enough money to send you to college. I understand that you’re a teenager and also a little suicidal, but someday you’re going to have to realize that your mother is a person too. Make it sooner than later. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED HOW YOU TREATED THE MURPHY FAMILY! That poor grieving family treated you as the son they didn’t lose and you kept making up stories about their kid! Granted, they were nice stories and made them happy to hear, but when they found out it was all a lie it probably felt like they lost their son all over again. I’m glad you got your life back together in the end, but you brought a lot of people down while doing this.



With that criticism aside, I really do love the songs in this musical. The central message (that everyone is worth remembering and no one is alone) is beautiful and something that everyone should know. It’s based in a 21st-century world with YouTube, viral videos, and gofundme pages. The singing is beautiful (however, I have another criticism: it was difficult to tell which female was singing), the words are heartbreaking, and the plot is super confusing if you just listen to the soundtrack.

I do feel like I am the only person who thinks Evan Hansen is a slight jerk, but that is shadowed by the fact that most of the songs make me cry. Especially “To Break in a Glove.” This song isn’t even trying to conceal its meaning. This dad is CLEARLY distraught that he couldn’t be the best father which is contrasted with the disappointment he feels in his son who, in his mind, took the easy way out. This song hurts all of my emotions.

Now as I mentioned, I just listened to the soundtrack, I have not seen the musical. Before I read the Wikipedia page I was utterly confused. I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t know who was upset, who was crying, who was dead, who had friends. No clue! Then I read up on the plot, and can fully say that I wish this musical had more than 14 songs. I also may be obsessed.

Please enjoy this rendition of “Waving Through a Window” by Thomas Sanders featuring Dodie Clark and Ben J Pierce.



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