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Post Every Day in June

I am off to a bad start with this whole post every day in June thing! It’s 10:30 and I’m just starting!

I have to get a move on! I have to plan ahead! I have to write multiple posts, save them as drafts, and post them one at a time! I have to get better at timing! I have to succeed!

Which leads me into a great segue of what this post is about: Measuring success.

When I set goals, I often do not accomplish them. I lose interest or motivation. However, this year has been different. I have succeeded in MOST of the goals I set for myself. Here’s my trick: Set small goals on the way to a big goal.

Now, in January I set a few big goals: be internet successful, finish a video game, play the ukulele every day, read every day, get a job.

These are VERY big goals. I broke them down even more and didn’t give a time limit. Get 50 followers on instagram (@drinktea.readbooks.teachall), finish Pokémon, learn one song, read 50 books in a year, get a job. (That last one I can’t break down).

Have I succeeded? Almost!! I have 45 followers, I am at the Elite 4 in Pokémon, I’m pretty good at Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter, I have read 15 books so far, and I have a part time job. SUCCESS! (In my eyes, which is all that matters).

Something else that helps is to set a really broad goal. Mine is “try.” As long as I TRY, I’m fine. Like I said, I tend to abandon projects. However, it’s June and I’m still going with this blog! And I’m still going with instagram! I am trying and I am succeeding!

TLDR: Set small goals and try.



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