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Breathe into your toes.

What? How? What?!

Yes. This is what I do during a “Full Body Scan” for my mindfulness program. In order to perform a Full Body Scan (or FBS), we get into a comfortable position, close our eyes, and isolate each part of our body. We start in the left toes, focusing on any sensations and what the toes are touching (i.e sock, floor, other toes). We spend an absurdly long time focusing on our left toes. This is also where we breathe into our toes. If you have attended a yoga class this may not seem strange to you. However, I have attended many a yoga class and still find this activity odd. But I keep trying because I’m going all in with this program.

After our rendezvous in the toe, we move up (or down if you’re laying on the floor “legs up a wall” style) the left leg, focusing on all the sensations, noticing them, and accepting them without judgment. Then the right leg, then torso, arms, and head. This part of the session takes about 45 minutes. For our home practice there are a few different options ranging from 25-40 minutes. We are supposed to practice every day for about 45 minutes. I have not…Whoops! I HAVE practiced at home, but not every day. Last week I managed 2 out of 7 but this past week, oh man! I did 4. I felt very proud.

We have also talked about autopilot during our time together. Autopilot is pretty self explanatory- it’s doing something without realizing it or enjoying it. Our homework was to notice every time we were on autopilot. I didn’t write it down, but I was on autopilot a LOT. Now autopilot isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just something that happens. I would like to mention that since I have been doing this, I have been on autopilot less (or at least I think I have).

I encourage you to see how many times a day you notice yourself on autopilot. Not to fix it, just to recognize it.



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