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How to shop at Target…

…and leave with ONLY the things you need.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Target. I love to roam around aimlessly and look at all the things I can’t afford. But sometimes I need to get things from Target and don’t have the time or money to roam around aimlessly. Recently, I went to Target and ONLY bought what I needed. It IS possible, and here are some steps that can help you go to Target and ONLY come out with what you went in for.

Step one: Figure out what you need. WRITE IT DOWN IN LIST FORM. Bring that list with you. Check off or cross out things that you pick up.

Step two: Leave all your credit/debit cards at home. You don’t need the debt. That cash back is not worth it, you’ll probably only get a nickel.

Step three: Bring cash. (The amount of cash is up to you, but try and keep it under $50.)

Step four: Tunnel vision. You are here for the things on your list AND ONLY THE THINGS ON YOUR LIST. Eyes forward, walk fast, focus focus focus.

Step five: Try not to wander. Wandering leads to finding pretty things which leads to the “oh I could use this” mindset. This is a bad mindset, you’ll probably never use the thing.

*also* don’t hate yourself if you do wander.

Here’s a fun anecdote: I needed binders (specifically three of them). I went to Target with binders in mind and $10 in hand. I walked DIRECTLY to the binder section, picked out three binders, remembered I needed 4, and picked out a 4th binder. Then I marched DIRECTLY…to the book section. WHOOPS. I checked out the YA books and the new release books. I mentally noted which ones I have and which ones I want. Then I turned around and walked DIRECTLY…to the pen and pencil section. =D Also mentally noting which ones I want (I am a huge fan of a good pen. No, I’m not a nerd…yes, I’m lying). I walked DIRECTLY to the registers and slammed my four binders gently on the belt. The total came out to much less than $10 (thank goodness because I only had that much). I walked out with one bag filled with binders. I felt proud and like I was forgetting something, but I mainly felt proud of my self-control.



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