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How to survive a retail job

…when it’s slowly crushing your soul. =D

Retail is not for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to want to work in retail for their career, and I am not that person. Having had multiple years of part-time retail work as a side job, I have compiled a list of effective ways to not want to slam your head against the display case you’re trying to sell from. Enjoy!

  1. Get a signature beverage. Every time you go to work, you get the beverage to make you feel all nice inside, which makes you happy, and makes the day go by faster. For me it’s a Chi Tea Latte from Starbucks. The warmth soothes me and the spice peps me up. Try not to pick anything too carbonated because you run the risk of burping in a customer’s face, and that’s just not classy. (Downside is that you may think of work every time you drink this beverage).
  2. Do not take your work home. You don’t have a store in your house, so why take your work home with you? There’s is no need. Give everything you’ve got when you’re there, but as soon as you clock out, you’re done. You can’t do anything if you’re burned out and if you constantly worry about a job that you probably do less than 20 hours a week, you will crash and burn real fast.
  3. Be nice. That should be a rule for literally everything.
  4. Call out if you’re sick. The store will not burn down if you are not there. Your co-workers will hate you if you get them sick. You may cause an epidemic if you get a customer sick who gets their friends sick and they get their friends sick and so on and so forth and the zombie apocalypse is eminent. *Also see number 2.* When you are sick, you need rest. GET THE REST YOU DESERVE.
  5. Find the right retail job for you. Example! I worked at Macy’s for a summer and absolutely hated it. I worked at Men’s Wearhouse for 5 years and found the atmosphere fit me very well. I now work at Joseph A Bank which has the same atmosphere as MW. You need to find the retail atmosphere that works for you or you will hate every second of every day.
  6. Snacks. Sometimes breaks are hard to take. You may be swamped or short-handed or just so caught up with a customer that you don’t realize you’ve been helping them for the past 3 hours. Sometimes a lunch break is just not feasible. Hunger can alter you mind and can prevent you from #3 (being nice). Snacks strategically placed about the store is a great way to keep up your energy without leaving the floor. These snacks should not need to be refrigerated, eaten with a utensil, or so messy which would require a napkin. Those things will slow you down.

I hope these tips and tricks help you survive your retail job on they way to your dream job. 

How do you survive your retail job?



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