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Fangirl, written by Rainbow Rowell, is the first book over 400 pages that I have read in the span of three days- I could not put it down. The story was an adorable love story with believable set backs. Some love stories have over-the-top break ups or fights between the two love interests. Fangirl had a realistic dilemma that did not seem forced. It was also resolved at the end (spoiler alert, the dilemma in a YA novel was resolved)!

I found the narration extremely interesting: Third person, limited omniscient. The narrator knew what was in Cath’s mind, but no one else’s. It was almost like Cath was narrating her own story but in the 3rd person. I found that type of narration fascinating because it gave Cath’s character a higher pedestal to stand on, without detracting from the other characters, which made me feel very in-tune with her.

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I also personally identify with most of Cath and I should have read this earlier. I WISH that this book was out when I was a Freshman in college, or even a senior in high school. I don’t think my life would be drastically different, but I feel like I would have found myself earlier. High school Amy was such a closeted nerd because she didn’t know what the internet had in store. She didn’t know how to find forums, she didn’t know what fanfiction was, she didn’t know how to get in touch with other nerds and profess her undying love for Sirius Black. I fully believe that if my first introduction to fanfiction was NOT My Immortal, I would have started reading and maybe even writing.

I’m having a revelation as I write this! I am not the best at explaining my joy outside of my brain. In my head, when I’m really excited about something, I have so many thoughts and emotions and the need to scream. However, the words in my mind can’t seem to get to my mouth and out into the world. I think it might have to do with my lack of fangirling in high school. (I’m also on a kick of blaming everything wrong with me now on High School Amy…so there’s that).

ANYWAY, back to the review. The characters were fully developed, even the minor ones! Each had a life in them that seemed to jump off the page. It was like I was looking into someone’s life as if they were real people outside of the book, like the story could continue on even when the book ends.

I give Fangirl a solid 10/10. (My only gripe is that it ended).




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