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Nerd Con: Nerdfighteria


The Backdrop!

This past weekend was Nerd Con: Nerdfighteria. Two days dedicated to nerds, nerd culture, YouTube, and books. It was a fantastic experience that I wish could happen more. It was home to panels, discussions, and merchandise galore. The panels ranged from women’s issues, to mental health issues, to Harry Potter being a major part of people’s lives (which it is). The discussions were about writing, reading, creating, and producing. There were charities doing raffles, t-shirts being sold, literary magazines being promoted, and famous YouTube personnel signing things. I attended panels and discussions and bought a really soft t-shirt with an inspirational message.

Let me tell you some pros of this event. Obviously, the really soft t-shirt with an inspirational message. The panels I went to were fantastic. Specifically three I can remember: Women in Nerdfighteria, Mental Health, and Wizards in Space. *PAUSE* Can we just talk about how “nerdfighteria” is recognized in auto-correct. How cool! *UNPAUSE* So the Women

My soft t-shirt with an inspirational message.

in Nerdfighteria panel was really fun! There were 5 women and a moderator, including Hannah Hart and Rosianna Halse Rojas (Who I love <3). They discussed everything from harassment to being a role model to hate comments and how to combat them. My favorite was Meghan Tonjes explanation of how she dealt with hate comments. On her hate comments she would have fun and do things like thank them for being a fan and to subscribe to her channel. I love that. If I ever get famous enough to have hate comments that is how I’m going to handle them!

The mental health panel was very informative because it showed me that everyone deals with mental health issues in a different way and everyone can, and should, seek help no matter the degree of your mental instability.

I think my favorite panel was the Wizards in Space panel. Wizards in Space is a literary magazine based out of the internet. It is created, designed, and published via the internet. BUT it is published in a physical form, which I find really cool. Writers submit their work and a group of people pick through the submissions anonymously. If your work is picked you get in the magazine AND you get paid! That is something that not every literary magazine does, or really something that anyone does. I bought their literary magazine and plan on reading it very soon. Maybe I’ll even do a review. Who knows?!

This did not happen in a panel but it was a highlight of my weekend. I met Rosianna. Look at us! Adorable. I was standing at a booth (Harry and the Potters) and I looked back. There she is, just chilling, looking at the booth too (they were selling pencils that say “This pencil is a horcrux” so how could you not look). I told her she was wonderful, she thanked me, I told her I was trying to become a Booktube-er and had 3 subscribers, and she pulled out her phone, said “you’re going to have 4,” handed me her phone with the YouTube app up, and told me to enter my username. I then promptly died and am writing this from the grave. Just kidding, I got a picture with her and then died.

A while ago, twitter was asked to vote on a book for a book club discussion thing. I tried to

Me and Rosianna!

read the book and could not get past chapter 7 (I mentioned it in my DNF video). When I met Rosianna (before I died) I told her that I was going to the book talk, but did not finish the book, because I hated it. Good news! She also did not care for the book. Fast forward to the actual discussion: we are in groups and Rosianna and Sarah Urist Green (John Green’s wife) are facilitating. Their plan was to bounce between groups to help get the discussion going and see different opinions. Because my group was so awesome, Sarah stayed with us the whole time. *hair flip* It was wonderful. She is so nice.

With every good story, comes a not so good story. As you may or may not know, I am an aspiring booktuber (see above link). There was a booktube and book lover panel lead by two booktubers. These two booktubers also happen to be in the process of writing their own books. Good for them! I am all for people doing what they’re passionate about. You go girl! But there is a time and a place to answer questions about your process and a booktube Q&A is not that place. I do not blame them for the questions that were asked, because they did not screen the questions beforehand, but I do blame them for not steering the conversation more towards booktube. The panel was described as a conversation about reading books and talking about books on the internet, not a Q&A on how to write a book. There were so many other panels for that (Perhaps the writing panel with published/award winning authors). As an aspiring booktuber I wanted a little bit more education on how to start a following, what software to use for editing, and things like that, which I did not get. But it was still a lot of fun.

When even the bad parts are fun, you know you’re somewhere special.

What did I gain from going to this, you ask? WELL, I gained confidence, friends, knowledge, a kick-ass case study topic, and a better understanding of the Nerdfighteria crowd.

Where you at Nerd Con? What was your favorite part? Raise your hand if John Green made you cry. *raises all my hands*



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