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Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey is a poetry collection by Rupi Kaur. It is broken up into four parts: hurting, love, heartbreak, and healing. The poems can be read individually or as a chronological story. I read the whole collection in an hour, so I read it as a chronological story. Kaur also included some sketches or drawings intertwined with the poems which was a beautiful addition.

The first part deals with hurt, loss, and trauma. Some of the poems were hard to read because they were so raw with emotion when they spoke of sexual and emotional trauma.

The second portion was about love. Kaur lays out poems of love and companionship. I

From my Instagram @drinktea.readbooks

flagged some of my favorites and the ones I cannot get out of my head and of my soul.

The third part, heartbreak, was just as painful to read as the hurting section. The “narrator” details her breakup with the “lover” character, shown in the “love” section, through her poetry.

The fourth part was extremely inspirational. Healing may be my favorite section. It talks about feminism and empowering other women while also empowering yourself. The feminism part was not overpowering either. It had just the right amount of feminism without feeling like I was reading a propaganda pamphlet. The chapter had beautiful poems of love, acceptance, and female-female friendship.

The poems read like a short story, which is probably why I like this collection so much. The poems flow smooth and easy, like a lazy river at a water park. Some poetry collections I have read only have a theme in common. Sometimes they don’t have anything in common which is why i believe it took me a very long time to pick up another poetry collection.



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