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Let’s collaborate!

No one is an island. Collaboration is needed. With everything! If you think you can do something alone and keep your stress level at a minimum, go for it! But, if you feel your blood pressure rising quickly, I suggest some collaboration and asking of friends. Almost everything in my life is a collaboration. I work with people in both of my jobs, I work with people in my friendships and relationships, and I work with people on this blog! Now collaboration could come in many forms. You can 50-50 split and co-create what you’re making and each person gets equal representation. That’s a valid way to create, a fantastic opportunity, and a great way to get started in your creative endeavors. On the other side of the scale is minimum collaboration. Minimum collaboration, in my mind, is someone just looking at your work. 

A great example of 50-50 collaboration: I was recently trying to come up with a bunch of lesson plans with a teacher who is teaching the same book. We are student teachers so this is our first year and first attempt at lesson planning and stuff. The two of us texted back and forth and came up with a handful of solid lesson plans. She thought of things I never thought about and I brought up examples she never thought of. It was a great collaborating process! 

A great example of minimum collaboration: This blog! I write the posts and my boyfriend reads them and lets me know spelling and grammar mistakes (hi boyfriend!). So if you see any, blame him =D. 

Artists, musical and visual, collaborate all the time. Usually without the knowledge of their audience. (Which you may be totally cool with now, but if you listen to Amanda Palmer’s book “The Art of Asking” you won’t be cool with it anymore.) I am not done with Palmer’s book, I have about three more hours on the audiobook, but when I am done I will have a FULL review. Most of my review is going to be massively positive and about asking and more about collaboration in regards to music and crowd sourcing. Crowd sourcing is another way of collaboration when the collaborators are actually not fully collaborating, but giving money for the artist to create. This is a very legit form of collaboration that allows more people to help. 

As for life collaboration, again I repeat, NO ONE IS AN ISLAND. I don’t mean you have to ask for help at every turn, but you can ALWAYS ask for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Help on a work project, help on a creative fun project, help with your physical being, help with your emotions. Collaboration does not mean you are weak, asking for help does not mean you are weak! It just means that you know your weaknesses and you know that other people have skills that you may not have because no one is perfect and no one knows everything. 



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