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Buffering review

I recently read Hannah Hart’s new book “Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Like Fully Loaded.” It’s a very emotional read. She has a lot of traumas in her past that she lays out in the pages of this book. She opens up her life to her audience and shows how she overcame all her obstacles. When reading you can hear her voice and her sense of humor. If you’ve seen Hannah in her YouTube channel “My Drunk Kitchen” you can easily get the tone of her voice through the words and stories. I think it was very brave of her to open up and share this side of her life that she normally doesn’t share on YouTube.

I really liked this book because I’m slightly obsessed with knowing the intimate lives of famous people. I have recently taken to watching YouTube videos and re-watching YouTube videos and watching past YouTube videos. These creators are usually lifestyle, fashion, or book review vloggers. I love finding out different aspects of their life. It feels kinda stalker-ish, but they are actively giving this information so I guess it’s not as stalker-ish as I originally thought. I also secretly want to become a vlogger (and I guess I did that? Check out my YouTube channel. *end shameless self-promotion*). Their community seems so chill and tight-knit.



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