I recently found out that was VERY different from Who else knew that these two things were different?! Well, once I found out I tried to transfer everything (EVERYTHING) from this blog to my new fancy site. It was very easy to transfer all my posts and my followers over to this…… Continue reading WHOOPS!


How to make your day off productive.

Sometimes you have days off and sometimes those days are NOT Saturday and Sunday. Having a day off on the middle of the week can sound great! You can do so many errands that you can't do on the weekend! Get ready world, I'm running errands! However, because it's the middle of the week you…… Continue reading How to make your day off productive.


Let’s talk about tea

…and how it’s the cure for everything and secures friendships. I woke up today feeling sick. My stomach was not my friend. Luckily I keep a stash of ginger tea in my tea cupboard (yes, I have that much tea that it needs its own cupboard), and spearmint and peppermint growing in my mom’s garden. I brewed some…… Continue reading Let’s talk about tea

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Drink Tea. Read Books. Teach All.

Hello, friends! I have a bit of housekeeping/updating/rebranding. This blog was originally branded as a book review blog. CLEARLY, I HAVE NOT BEEN REVIEWING MANY BOOKS! Why you ask? Well, simply because I haven’t been reading a lot and the books I have read I want to read again before I give my full in-depth review. (Eliza…… Continue reading Drink Tea. Read Books. Teach All.

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Day 7 of Harry Potter Love

Welcome to the last day of my “Why I Love Harry Potter” series. We’ve had a lot of sad topics and I’ve cried enough tears to satisfy Justin Timberlake’s request. Today’s topic is a happy one. However, we’re deviating from the text. I know! As an English Teacher this pains me too, but sometimes another…… Continue reading Day 7 of Harry Potter Love

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Day 6 of Harry Potter Love

Today’s love: Snape Snape Severus Snape. Let’s talk about Snape. Snape is an adult who never fully developed and therefore is perpetually stuck in angsty teen mood swings. However, we soon (and by soon I mean the last book, so not really soon) learn that he has a reason to be so angsty. His family…… Continue reading Day 6 of Harry Potter Love

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Day 5 of Harry Potter Love

Today’s topic: Neville Longbottom. The other boy who lived. Neville. The poster child for puberty. A true Gryffindor. A loyal friend. A nervous fellow. A fantastic grandson. An even better son. Neville starts out as a scared little boy who no one thinks should really be in Gryffindor. (They think he should be in Hufflepuff. I…… Continue reading Day 5 of Harry Potter Love