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Day 8 of Blognukah

I’m a day behind. I know exactly how I got there too. I had no time on Friday to write! What was I doing? Christmas shopping! I love Christmas. It’s a fantastic holiday with family, gifts, lights, and lively music. Not to mention all the Christmas movies! There is everything from family fun, to almost…… Continue reading Day 8 of Blognukah

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Day 7 of Blognukah

A typical day in the life of an 8th grade English Teacher. If you were ever wondering what a typical day for an 8th grade English Teacher looks like before, during, and after school, you’re in luck! Background! My school goes from 7:45 to 3:30 with 6 blocks that are an hour and ten minutes long. I…… Continue reading Day 7 of Blognukah

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Day 6 of Blognukah

Why I started, and abruptly stopped, a YouTube channel. I started a YouTube channel to talk about books and teaching stuff. For example, my first official video (besides the introduction video) was about Lexile levels. I had just started watching booktube videos and was inspired. I couldn’t find very many people talking about the educational…… Continue reading Day 6 of Blognukah

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Day 5 of Blognukah

A Lush shopping guide for people with nut allergies. If you have a nut allergy, I’m sorry and I know your struggles. Trying to go organic with your hair and skin care, it’s difficult. You go to Lush and they attack you with soap and you cowardly pull back and say, “Oh, I’m sorry, can I read…… Continue reading Day 5 of Blognukah

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Day 4 of Blognukah

I missed yesterday. WHOOPS! Today’s post will be a tiny post about tea. (I’ll have two tomorrow). Tea is one of the best drinks ever invented. It can be hot or cold, sweetened or unsweetened, flavored or not. You can add milk, cream, or half ‘n half. I have about 5 cups a day, on…… Continue reading Day 4 of Blognukah

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Day 3 of Blognukah!

I wrote a poem a while ago about my anxiety. ENJOY! My Anxiety. A poem by Amy Hello. How are you? Oh, you’re fine? That’s wonderful! Have I told you about all the horrible things going on in the world? Did you know that bad things happen and one day they could happen to you?…… Continue reading Day 3 of Blognukah!

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Day 2 of Blognukah

How to survive Student Teaching. My Student Teaching was not the best. It was almost the worst. HOWEVER, I now have a job where I am doing wonderfully and people think I’m a good teacher. It’s such a good feeling to be told that you are great at your job which also happens to be…… Continue reading Day 2 of Blognukah